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Kwong Cheong Old Building 

Kwong Cheong Sea Products has been established over 19 years. The company started from a tiny dry seafood shop located in Sungai Siput (U), Perak. Today it becomes a well known Dry & Frozen Seafood wholesaler, processing & distributor in Malaysia. Kwong Cheong Sea Products success came from the continuous innovation along with the support and encouragement from the customers. Kwong Cheong Sea Products currently has one retail shop & processing centre located in Sungai Siput (U), Perak. Aside from being a retailer, Kwong Cheong Sea Products is also a leading wholesaler, offering stable supply and quality dry seafood to famous hotels and restaurants throughout Malaysia and overseas.

Mission Statement 
Kwong Cheong Sea Products, managed by its 2nd generation, always looking for “Genuine goods at fair price and honest services” as our managerial objective, which has earned us customers, trust, as well as creditable reputation.

Quality & Assurance 
Kwong Cheong Sea Products assures product quality through product testing with creditable lab and all products must go through a detail and careful selection process. To guarantee the quality and origin of the products, we assign professionally trained staff to examine the products and operation areas. Additionally Kwong Cheong Sea Products is constantly looking for changes in packaging to meet market needs and increase consumer’s satisfaction. In addition, with the aim of providing more and enhanced communication with our customers, KwongCheong Sea Products requested our staffs to select the best of dry & frozen seafood, instead of pre packing them in advance. Even though, pre packing is more cost effective and efficient. However, Kwong Cheong Sea Products always prioritizes customer’s satisfaction as the first.

Products Diversification 
To meet the rapid changing market, Kwong Cheong Sea Products never stops diversifying its product lines by seeking for quality dry & frozen seafood suppliers from all over the world. Kwong Cheong Sea Products is selling at fair price of South African Dried & Frozen Abalone, Japan Dried Abalone, Middle East Dried Abalone, Australia Frozen Abalone, Dried & Frozen Sea Products enabling the mass to enjoy the quality of all the products.

“Genuine goods at fair price and honest services” 
Kwong Cheong Sea Products selling strategy always focus on selling at fair price and providing honest services, which has earned uscustomers; trust, as well as creditable reputation.

Quality Service 
Hoping our customer to feel like being at home while shopping at Kwong Cheong Sea Products. We request and provide all of our staffs training courses on product knowledge, and sales workshop. Kwong Cheong Sea Products was also to offer delivery services, telephone ordering, and online purchase (coming soon) to our customers. In order to exceed customers’ expectation, a dry seafood hotline is established. All of our representatives are professionally trained to reply all questions on our products, as well as Cooking, preparing, and selecting methods.


祥已建立了20年。由和丰一间街坊小店到现在一个众所周知的干燥和冷冻海鲜批发,加工及分销商。当中经过不断履历的创新改进,更有赖顾客多年来的支持及鼓励。廣祥海产目前设有一间门市及一件产品加工/处理中心位于和丰,霹雳州。除了从零售商,廣祥也是行业中的佼佼者,提供稳定的供应和质量的干海鲜与马来西 亚和海外著名的饭店和餐馆。 


祥说售之所有产品均经过细心挑选,而且我们并会见产品进行验证,确保符合卫生标准。此外,为确保产品来源,我们并会派专人到当地的检查出口验货。此外我们也不断寻找在包装的变化,以满足市场需求,提高消费者的满意度;另一些比较珍贵的海味产品,我们放弃了更方便的预先包装放法。采用传统而高成本的人手为顾 客选择货品,只为了令顾客满意所购买的每件产品。





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